I do not wish to present reality exactly as it is – I create art that relates emotion, narrative and mystery. This is achieved by combining several techniques: Digital photography, computerized image processing which combines and changes photographs, and sometimes even a touch of color brush on the canvas.


This way the borders between the categories become blurred and the pictures become a new reality – a new world is born, a world without boundaries. The original image partly melts away, giving way to other images, a combination of reality and imagination.


All the pictures I show on the site are offered for sale in limited series printed on canvas or on various other materials. You can order the pictures in different sizes; The price of the picture is determined by its size and the material on which it is printed. Typical prices for printing on canvas range from 400 to 1,200 NIS.


For further details: info@gafni-art.co.il, ++972-(0)50-5203896